Cyprus International University Summer Courses 2024

Interactive and Intensive English Course

CIU was established in 1997 with 81 students and 45 staff. Since its inauguration, CIU has placed great importance on global development and cooperation and has become an internationally recognized and respected higher education institution. In 25 years, it has grown to 20,000 students and over 1,000 staff. It has received accreditation from many reputable accreditation bodies for the courses it offers and has become a member of many organizations to improve the quality of education it offers.


It follows the principles of academic excellence, sustainable development, continuous innovation and diversity. It is an institution committed to advancing its students to achieve lifelong success.


We at MEC are CIU’s sole representative English language school. We produce, organize and manage the “CIU International Summer Courses”, and promise middle and high school students from all over the world an unforgettable summer experience. We nurture improvement in English language skills, within a university campus environment.


This is a General English course that is supplemented with workshops, developed in line with the principles of our “My Community” philosophy which is integrated into the lessons, offering students a unique learning experience.


Furthermore, it is enriched with sports, excursions and fun evening activities. This program will not only improve a student’s English but also develop independence, cultural awareness, life skills and autonomy. 


You can click here to for the 2023 broshure in Turkish, and here for the 2023 flyer in English. 

Summer Courses will be held in Cyprus and Istanbul. Please select your course location.