Cyprus International University
Summer Courses 2024

Interactive and Intensive English Courses - in Istanbul

This is a General English course enriched with sports, art, workshops, excursions and evening activities. This course not only improves English language skills for everyday life but also academic English skills of the students.




About the Lessons

  • We have prepared our curriculum and lesson plans in parallel with the curriculum followed by English Summer Schools in the UK.
  • The 2-week course includes a total of 40 hours of planned General English lessons. Regular lessons are held every weekday between 09:00 – 13:00.
  • Listening-Reading-Writing-Speaking exercises are produced in an integrated and up-to-date manner, with synchronized development in all skills our target. We aim to develop skills for production and functional language.
  • At the end of 2 weeks, students realize that English is primarily a means of communication, not a subject.
  • Students learn interactively in the classroom and apply what they know in the classroom environment, and develop their skills for use, living outside the classroom. In addition, the other activities are designed to supplement the lessons.
  • Each group has 2 teachers and 1 group leader. The most striking feature of this course is the high staff-student ratio.
  • We are motivated to provide an engaging learning environment with attentive supervision.
  • An interactive learning approach is adopted with highly qualified teachers and CIU professors.

Workshops and "My Community"

In addition to English classes, teenagers and young adults experience a variety of workshops and labs based on their interests and preferences. In the workshops, students learn from university professors and learn how to be a university student in an international classroom environment.

One of these workshops is the “Sustainability Workshop”. When students complete their studies here, they are officially certified by CIU.

Some other workshop options and laboratory studies are; Upcycling Workshop, Mechanics Workshop, Biology Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory, Gastronomy, Visual Arts, Coding Workshop, Law Workshop, and Equestrian Workshop.

All students learn by living, experimenting, absorbing and discovering themselves. At this point, there is one aspect that makes our course different from other courses: “My Community”

In addition to the advantages of existing as an individual and acquiring autonomous skills, the student has the ideal environment of freedom to develop the ability to live in a community with peers from different cultures. They develop the skills to take responsibility, make decisions and take action.

Excursions and Beach Trips

CIU International Interactive and Intensive English Course is not just a language course. It also provides excursions and beach fun where students have the chance to enjoy themselves, make new friends from all over the world and improve their daily English language skills.

During sightseeing excursions in Istanbul, students will enjoy the amazing cultural heritage of Istanbul. All excursions are optional. Students choose from excursions such as Bosphorus Tour, Old City Tour, Princess Islands, museums, Grand Bazaar, and modern shopping malls.


CIU International Summer English Course evening activities enable students to have fun and practice English at the same time.

Evening activities; riding, dance night, karaoke night, outdoor games, chats, board games, bowling, barbecue party and more.


The Sign Sile Hotel & Spa, which is located close to the center of Sile, about 1 hour from Istanbul, promises a comfortable accommodation experience in its high-standard rooms. There is a garden and a swimming pool.

There is a 500m public beach. There are also basketball and tennis courts.

Key Facts

Age Ranges : 12-14 years old, 15-17 years old, 18+ years old.

Level: From elementary (CEF A2) to very advanced (CEF C2)

Course theme: Sustainability
Timetable : Sample timetable

Class size: Maximum 16 students
Student/Staff Ratio: 4.7

Lessons: 20 lessons per week – Monday to Friday


Dates will be announced later.

Length: 1 weeks


Prices will be announced later.

There is a 15% discount for early registration. The deadline for early registration is March 31, 2024.

Please call for country  discounts.

Classes, high standard accommodation,  three meals, workshops, sports activities, 2 excursions and activities per week are included in the price.

Airfare and airport transfer is not included. Extra lunches during excursions (2 lunches and 1 dinner) are not included. Bowling and entertainment center are not included. Optional excursions are not included.

Travel insurance: Available upon request

Accommodation Deposit will be refunded at the end of the program.

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